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RV Wastewater Treatment

$31.82 ($35.00 inc GST) each

More Products RV Wastewater Treatment is a highly concentrated mixture of six patented Bacillus bacteria combined with two Pseudomonas species. Each strain produces multiple enzymes, resulting in an extremely powerful biological treatment product, specifically designed for use in wastewater treatment systems.

A Chemical free Eco-friendly product that will work perfectly in your Toilet cassette and grey water tank. More Products RV WASTEWATER TREATMENT will liquefy holding tank solids, paper and human sewage whilst eliminating odours,and will reduce soap build-up and residue odours in grey water holding tanks preventing build-up on tank walls, traps, and floats. It will also degrade fats, grease and proteins from food preparation wastes that often cause nasty odours.

Size 250grams


Toilette Cassette

Flush 1 heaped cap full of RV Wastewater Treatment down the toilet when empty. If not emptied in 4 weeks flush a further heaped cap full down toilet.

Grey Water Tanks

Wash 1 heaped cap full of Rv Wastewater Treatment down the sink when empty. If not emptied in 4 weeks wash a further heaped Cap full down sink.

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