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Projecta IC 3500 35 Amp Battery Charger

$445.45 ($490.00 inc GST) each

PROJECTA INTELLI CHARGE IC3500 Projecta Intelli Charge IC3500 12 volt, 35 Amp Battery Charger with wired remote controller. POWER FOR PROFESSIONALS a highly advanced automatic charger for those serious about portable power the IC3500 can be set to suit the battery’s chemistry type and features adjustable charge rate to perfectly match the size of your batteries. 7 Stage Charging Intelligent Electronics monitor the charging process to deliver am advanced 7 stage charge maximising battery performance and life Multi Chemistry Set the charging profile to suit the battery's chemistry type, extending the battery's life Adjustable Charge RateSet the charge rate to suit different size batteries for optimum charging Power Supply ModeOperates as a float charge to maintain a battery when running a load from the battery.