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Projecta IC 2500 25 Amp Battery Charger

$327.27 ($360.00 inc GST) each

Automatic 12V 25A 7 Stage Battery Charger
A highly advanced automatic charger for those serious about portable power, the IC2500 can be set to suit the battery’s chemistry type and features adjustable charge rate to perfectly match the size of your batteries. your batteries.

Type: 7 Stage
Input: 240VAC, 50Hz
Input Power: 792W
Output Voltage: 12V
Output Current: 2,6,12,25A
Min Start Voltage: 2.5V
Back Drain: 1mA
Charge Control:  
Desulphation: High Frequency Pulse charge up to 11V
Soft Start: Half the rated set current up to 12V
Bulk: 15A up to: 14.1V (GEL) 14.4V (AGM) 14.7V (Wet) 14.7V (Calcium)
Absorption: Constant voltage until current drops to: 2 Amp settings (0.3A), 6 Amp setting (0.9A), 12 Amp settings (1.8A), 25 Amp settings (3.75A)
Equilization: Contact current (2.0-3.75A) up to 16V then hold for 1 hour or 12 hour timeout
Analysis: Monitors battery for 90 sec
Recondition: Contant current (0.3-3.75A) for 4 hours limited to: 14.1V (GEL) 14.4V (AGM) 16V (Wet) 16V (Calcium)
Float: 13.7V
Battery Range:  
Deep Cycle: 14-500Ah
Automotive: 80-3000CCA
Marine: 110-4200MCA
Type of Batteries: Most types of lead acid batteries including GEL, AGM, Wet Cell and Calcium
Size (mm): 210 x 81 x 168
Power Supply:  
Set Voltage: 13.8VDC
Maximum Current: 25A

Weight:      3kg

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